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   Bucket wheel stacker reclaimer  is a kind of machine to transport the bulk solids materials in the stockpile yard .The  stockpile yard is a place to store some bulk solids materials like coal ,iron ore ,limestone etc. Most of the machine are used in  port , power plant , steel plant , and cement mill  and so on .There are many of the machines are used in the world . 

   There are many type of  the machines ,for example , stacker , bucket  wheel  reclaimer , combined bucket wheel stacker reclaimer .bridge type reclaimer ,gantry type stacker reclaimer, scrapper reclaimer , blending  reclaimer ,blending stacker etc . Most of the custom use the combined Bucket wheel stacker reclaimer .

This essay will  introduce the combined bucket wheel stacker reclaimer . 

  Combined Bucket wheel stacker reclaimer  include many mechanism and structure ,Bucket wheel , boom ,boom belt conveyor ,luffing mechanism  ,slewing mechanism , gantry , travel mechanism ,slewing platform , tripper car , cable reeling drums ,  cabin , electric room , water spry system ,electrical control system .

The capacity of  stacking and reclaiming  can be designed for a few hundred to ten thousand tons per hours .The largest of the equipment has been made in  Austrian.

       When you use a stacker reclaimer , you  can use only one equipment to requite the function in the stockpile yard . Combined bucket wheel stacker reclaimer machine can stack the material to form the stock pile or reclaim the stockpiled material and feed onto the main line conveyor. 

1.Bucket wheel mechanism

Bucket wheel mechanism locating  on the head of the boom . when the boom is slewing  and the bucket wheel is turning , the buckets excavate the material ,and discharge to the boom belt conveyor  .The bucket wheel is designed cell or cell-less type and fitted with replaceable buckets . The replaceable buckets are equipped with exchangeable hardwearing cutting lips. The tips of the bucket are of wear resisting  steel. A  hydraulic coupling is provided between the motor and the 
bucket wheel gear . Bucket wheel drive gear is of spiral bevel helical or planetary design.   The bucket-wheel is driven by an electric motor or   hydraulic motor . The gear box  and torque frame from an integral unit and are equipped with consoles to hold the motor and the double-shoe brake . 

2 .Luffing mechanism

  Luffing mechanism has often been designed to be  droved by motor, reducer ,hoist drum , steel rope system to hoisting the boom up or down .and adjust the boom's luffing angle . Now ,more and more the machine's luffing mechanism has been designed to used the hydraulic cylinders to drive the   boom up and down.  The upper and lower positions of the bucket wheel boom are limited by control and limit switches usually . The spherical plain bearings of  ends of  cylinder piston are used normally .

3.Travel Mechanism

The combined Bucket wheel stacker reclaimer  is supported on the travel wheel bogies .For a statically determined way the designers often used  three corner points to support the gantry .  The travel wheels have double flanges . Some time the motor drive one wheel and some time the motor drive two wheels . The drive device is combined by motor ,reducer ,open gears ,brake ,coupling .  Each drive is power by a AC motor normally.

4.Slewing mechanism
The slewing mechanism has often direct current droved. The speed of  slewing is adjusted by  VVVF . The speed will be change according to the function of   1 /  cos  .   If the boom slewing angle is small ,the speed is slow , If the boom slewing  angle is large the speed is fast.   When the slewing angle of the boom  are from 65 degree to 90 degree ,the speed will not change . Slewing angle range are from -105 degrees  to +105 degrees. The slewing platform is a steel structure which is of welded plate construction .The Slewing  supporter is ball bearing / roller bearing slewing ring or wheel bogies on circle rail. Slewing movements are powered by one or two drive units each motor with  planetary gearbox and drive pinion. 

5.boom                                                                                                                                                                       The  boom is welded  of steel plate or lattice girder construction. 

6. Boom belt conveyor 
The boom belt conveyor is reversible . The  drive  are located on slewing platform's center . Conveyor belt drive is by means of an electric motor through hydraulic coupling and shaft mounted bevel-spur gearing on the drive pulley .The belt  can is tensioned by hydraulic take up or by gravity.

7.Power cable reeling drums and control cable reeling drums 
The machine install two  cable reeling drums, one for power ,another for control.. The cable reeling drums are suitable to pay out the cable in both the directions from the central feeding point. 

8.Operator's cabin
The operator's cabin is made of doubled-sheet metal for  insulated .There are chair ,control panel ,electrical equipment , air-conditioner in the room. 

9.Tripper car
Tripper car is important device for stacking .The tripper car can discharge the bulk solids material to the boom belt conveyor ,then the boom belt conveyor handling  the bulk solids material to the stockpile .

10.Electrical Equipment
There are one or two dry transformer on the machine . The machines often   feed  by a 6kV or 10 kV supply in the middle of the runway .This supply voltage is transformed to 380V on the machine .The electrical pan  and controls are installed in two or  one  electrical  room . 

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