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About The Webmaster

  李毅民 ;

  Li Yimin ;

  Professor Engineer ;

  Sex : Male ;

  Graduated : DUT ->. Jan .1982;


  Major : Hoisting and Conveying Machinery ;


  Metier: Designer For Bulk Machinery;


  Main  contribute for bulk machinery:   He has embarked on design and researsh Bulk  Machinery for 22 years. Main contect include stacker ,reclaimer ,stacker / reclaimer , bridge type reclaimer , Blending stacker ,Blending Reclaimer ,  gantry type reclaimer . He research the main date for the bulk machinery especially.

  He wrote many piece for the bulk machinery . some piece had released on the journals in P . R . China , and  had invented four item  patents.

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联系信箱 bulktech@sohu.com  liyma@dhidcw.com 
电话:0411-86852278 传真:0411-86852051



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